Trinity Partners to Present on Patient Journey at Eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2018

Boston, MA, April 10, 2018 – Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced it will participate in eyeforpharma’s 16th Annual Meeting, April 10-11, in Philadelphia, PA.

This year’s eyeforpharma meeting is designed to provide life sciences executives with greater insight into the patient journey. Presenters will highlight strategies to leverage advanced analytics and communication channels and unite organizations around the patient to deliver real value.

“Treatments are becoming more targeted and patients are more involved in the treatment-decision-making process. Whether a product is launched or in clinical development, it’s vital that drug manufacturers understand a patient’s treatment journey from all perspectives – from the patient to the provider to the payer – to make more informed commercial decisions,” Kevin Francis, Principal, Analytics & Insights, Trinity Partners. “We look forward to attending eyeforpharma, connecting with members of the life sciences community and showcasing how to mine the patient journey for insights to guide commercial strategy decision-making.”

At eyeforpharma, Kevin Francis and Jenn Parr, Engagement Manager, will present on understanding and continuously refining the patient treatment journey to help manufacturers along the commercial decision-making process. The session, titled “Commercial Strategy Decision-Making powered by the Patient Journey” will be held on April 10, 2018 from 5:25-5:55 pm.

During the session, Kevin and Jenn will highlight how organizations can develop a patient journey framework that enables a common language across commercial teams, informs data strategy, and provides insights across the product development cycle. Kevin and Jenn will also showcase specific examples for organizations that have leveraged the patient journey for clinical, launch and post-launch decision-making purposes.

Visit Trinity at booth #4 at eyeforpharma to learn more about how you can begin to use the patient journey as the backbone for commercial decision-making.

Trinity employees will also attend several other events and conferences this month focused on gene therapy, rare diseases, specialty pharmacy and more. Events include:

  • The 2018 Yale Healthcare Conference: April 13, New Haven, CT
    • Nandini Hadker will speak on a panel on drug pricing.
  • The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) 2018 Annual Meeting: April 23, Boston, MA
  • World Orphan Drug Congress USA: April 25, Oxon Hill, MD
  • Asembia’s 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit: April 29, Las Vegas, VM
  • The Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Summit: April 29, Boston, MA

Trinity Partners Principal Jillian Godfrey Scaife Discusses Trinity Biosimilar Whitepaper

In a recent article for Managed Healthcare Executive, editor Tracey Walker spoke with Trinity’s Jillian Godfrey Scaife about the findings of Trinity’s recent biosimilar whitepaper. In the article, Jillian highlights key takeaways from the findings. You can read the full story including further insights from Jillian here:

Trinity’s John Greenway and Nick Simmons-Stern to Present Case Study at CBI’s Biosimilar Summit

John Greenaway, Jillian Scaife, Nick Simmons-Stern, Ali Haber, and Christina Danosi are traveling to Alexandria, Virginia this week to attend CBI’s Biosimilars Summit. At the conference, they’ll discuss how to overcome reimbursement hurdles in an expanding U.S. biosimilars market. Learn more about the event here:

Trinity Partners Director of Advanced Analytics, Todd Foster to Attend PMSA’s Winter Symposium

Todd Foster, Trinity’s director of advanced analytics, will attend the PMSA’s Multi-Channel Marketing Symposium in Las Vegas, January 18 – 19 2018. During the event, Todd will meet with fellow industry leaders to discuss innovative marketing practices that use data to elevate multi-channel marketing for the biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Learn more about the event here:

Senior Partner Leslie Sandberg Orne Discusses Top Drugs for 2018

In a recent article for Formulary Watch, editor Christine Blank spoke with Trinity’s Leslie Sandberg Orne about new blockbuster drugs to hit the marketplace in 2018 that will treat HIV, diabetes, cancer, migraine headaches and other conditions. Check out Leslie’s insights in the full article, here:

Trinity’s Herman Sanchez, Alex Chiang and Vivian DeWoskin attended the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in Atlanta

On December 9th, Trinity’s Herman Sanchez, Alex Chiang and Vivian DeWoskin attended the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. During the meeting, Trinity employees had the opportunity to receive insight on evidence-based practice and decision making around malignant and non-malignant hematology, as well as the controversies associated with diagnosis and management. A full agenda of the annual meeting
can be found here:

Our Managing Partner Dave Fitzhenry recently sat down with Brian Orelli from BioWorld Insight

Our Managing Partner Dave Fitzhenry recently sat down with Brian Orelli from BioWorld Insight where he discussed the findings of our second annual Drug Index. In the article titled, “Winners and losers from the FDA approval class of 2014,” Dave provided a comprehensive overview of the commercial success and performance of each individual drug humorously highlighting how Trinity Partners “envisioned it like looking at NFL draft grades.”

Experts from Trinity Partners and Janssen Publish Article in Dermatology and Therapy

A team of experts from Trinity Partners and Janssen have published an article in Dermatology and Therapy. The paper, titled, “Dermatologist and Patient Preferences in Choosing Treatments for Moderate to Severe Psoriasis,” describes the results of a study to determine dermatologist and patient preferences in choosing treatments for moderate to severe psoriasis. The study concluded that comprehensive education regarding treatment attributes may help minimize the influence of subjective biases and facilitate appropriate and patient-centered treatment selection in psoriasis.

The paper was authored by Gordon Lau, Gretchen R. Chiu, Nandini Hadker, Aparna Deshpande, Stephen Fleming, and Nicola Vance, all of Trinity Partners, along with Seina Lee and Steve Fakharzadeh of Janssen Scientific Affairs. At the time of the study, Matthew Alcusky was a postdoctoral fellow with Thomas Jefferson University and Janssen Scientific Affairs.

To view the full text of the article, please visit

Trinity Partners Announces Promotion of Two Veteran West Coast Team Members

Trinity Partners is proud to officially announce the promotion of Krista Perry and John Greenaway to the role of Principal and to Trinity Partners’ Leadership Team. In their new roles, Krista and John will co-lead Trinity Partners’ San Francisco office and consulting team. They will also partner with other Leadership Team members to drive business development and deliver projects to assist west coast biopharmaceutical clients in optimizing their strategic business decisions, commercial planning, and analytics. Further, both Krista and John continue to support the development and training of managers and junior staff.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Krista Perry joined Trinity Partners in 2006 and has been serving clients as a project manager since 2013. Krista works in the general strategy consulting group and focuses on commercial assessments, prioritizations and launch planning. She has a focus on commercial support for clients focusing on rare diseases, including significant experience working with Trinity’s primary market research group to conduct qualitative and quantitative global research studies with physicians, patients, advocacy groups, payers and other stakeholders in orphan markets.

In addition to her vast experience in rare disease, Krista has broad experience in women’s health. Last year, she led a pro-bono project for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, helping them assess the potential of a collection of maternal vaccines. Krista has been with Trinity Partners for 11 years.

John Greenaway, a graduate of the University of Michigan and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, joined Trinity Partners in 2010. As part of the strategy consulting team, John supports the consulting and advisory needs for key pharmaceutical and medical device clients and their commercial executives. John provides senior pharmaceutical executives with analytics-based strategic recommendations in forecasting, market opportunity assessments, licensing and acquisition, and product launch planning.

John co-leads for Trinity’s Pricing, Access, Reimbursement, and Contracting (PARC) service, supporting pharmaceutical companies developing market access strategies and implementing pricing, contracting, and patient support programs. In this role, John has spoken and been a panel moderator at several industry conferences. Notably, John has presented Trinity’s published papers “Innovative Contracting Solutions in a Changing Healthcare Landscape” and “Changes to Medical Benefit Reimbursement and Implications for Drug Contracting and Pricing.” Additionally, he has moderated industry panels on “Best Practices to Develop and Implement Effective Pricing and Contracting Strategies.”

“Krista and John are leaders in the Trinity community, contributing to some of the most critical projects in the Strategy Consulting group,” said Dave Fitzhenry, Managing Partner at Trinity Partners. “Both principals truly deserve this recognition, as they are not only experts in what they do, but also genuine team players. As Trinity continues to grow, we are looking forward to seeing how Krista and John evolve in their new roles.”

About Trinity Partners
Trinity Partners is a trusted life sciences strategy consulting firm that takes a personalized approach to working with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic clients worldwide to create evidence-based solutions that drive business strategy and impact bottom lines. To learn more about our Partners, click here.

Trinity Partners Reveals Findings on FDA-Approved Novel Drug Performance

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced the findings of its second annual Trinity Drug Index which assessed all novel drugs approved by the FDA in 2014. The index ranks drug performance against three categories: commercial success, therapeutic value and R&D complexity, assigning each drug a score in those three areas as well as an overall composite score.

Top findings of this year’s Trinity Drug Index include:

· Immuno-oncology agent Keytruda was the best performing drug approved in 2014, followed by Harvoni and Opdivo.

· To be successful, mass-market, primary care products had to demonstrate at least moderate therapeutic innovation coupled with substantial marketing power.

· While several orphan drugs achieved high commercial scores, others (mainly, “ultra-orphans”) were not able to reap the success expected based on their therapeutic value.

· Of products acquired during the regulatory review process or after FDA approval (Esbriet, Northera, Dalvance, Sivextro, and Zerbaxa), all but Esbriet underperformed commercially.

· Anti-infective agents did not perform well commercially despite average to above average therapeutic scores.

“Most of the top performers are innovative specialty drugs targeting multiple niche indications with high unmet needs,” said John Corcoran, Founder and President, Trinity Partners. “With increasing competition and tighter payer and regulatory controls, it’s critical that companies prioritize their investment to ensure an optimal return.”

To shed light on why products over- or under-perform commercially relative to their therapeutic value, the index authors included three case studies. These include a look at Keytruda and Opdivo (overperformers), Zerbaxa (underperformer), and Vimizim and Zykadia (underperformers).

“Even with the unique challenges presented by certain markets, success can be achieved in all therapeutic areas,” said Neal Dunn, Partner, Trinity Partners. “The key to executing a winning clinical and commercial strategy is to clearly and effectively demonstrate the value of novel agents.”

To view the full index, click HERE