Trinity Partners Reveals Findings on FDA-Approved Novel Drug Performance

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced the findings of its second annual Trinity Drug Index which assessed all novel drugs approved by the FDA in 2014. The index ranks drug performance against three categories: commercial success, therapeutic value and R&D complexity, assigning each drug a score in those three areas as well as an overall composite score.

Top findings of this year’s Trinity Drug Index include:

· Immuno-oncology agent Keytruda was the best performing drug approved in 2014, followed by Harvoni and Opdivo.

· To be successful, mass-market, primary care products had to demonstrate at least moderate therapeutic innovation coupled with substantial marketing power.

· While several orphan drugs achieved high commercial scores, others (mainly, “ultra-orphans”) were not able to reap the success expected based on their therapeutic value.

· Of products acquired during the regulatory review process or after FDA approval (Esbriet, Northera, Dalvance, Sivextro, and Zerbaxa), all but Esbriet underperformed commercially.

· Anti-infective agents did not perform well commercially despite average to above average therapeutic scores.

“Most of the top performers are innovative specialty drugs targeting multiple niche indications with high unmet needs,” said John Corcoran, Founder and President, Trinity Partners. “With increasing competition and tighter payer and regulatory controls, it’s critical that companies prioritize their investment to ensure an optimal return.”

To shed light on why products over- or under-perform commercially relative to their therapeutic value, the index authors included three case studies. These include a look at Keytruda and Opdivo (overperformers), Zerbaxa (underperformer), and Vimizim and Zykadia (underperformers).

“Even with the unique challenges presented by certain markets, success can be achieved in all therapeutic areas,” said Neal Dunn, Partner, Trinity Partners. “The key to executing a winning clinical and commercial strategy is to clearly and effectively demonstrate the value of novel agents.”

To view the full index, click HERE

Trinity Partners Recognized as a Fastest Growing Firm by Consulting Magazine

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced the organization has been named a Fastest Growing Firm by Consulting Magazine. The judges recognized Trinity as having one of the highest rates of revenue growth from 2013 to 2016 among consultancies of all sizes and sectors.

“At Trinity, we understand the importance of creating a culture of smart and motivated individuals who are committed to delivering exceptional work for our clients,” said Dave Fitzhenry, managing partner, Trinity Partners. “We hold ourselves to high standards for recruitment, training and growth opportunities. This ultimately leads to strong retention and supports the continued expansion of our business.”

This is the second consecutive year Trinity has been honored as a Fastest Growing Firm by Consulting Magazine. Throughout Trinity’s 20-year history, the company has honored its vision of leading transformation in the life sciences industry. The company is on pace to exceed its aggressive growth plan and increase organic revenue by over 20 percent in 2018.

Consulting Magazine recognized the Company as a mover and shaker of the consulting profession. Trinity, along with other fastest growing firms, was formally honored at the publication’s annual Awards Dinner on November 2 at the Yale Club in New York City.

Trinity’s Neal Dunn to Speak on Life Science Cares Panel this Thursday in Boston

This Thursday evening, Trinity’s Neal Dunn will be participating on a panel for Life Science Cares to discuss industry career opportunities with students from the Bottom Line program. The event will be held at EY’s Boston offices from 5:30 – 8:00pm. Learn more about Life Science Cares events here:

Trinity Partners’ Dave Fitzhenry Named as a Global Leader in Consulting

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced that Dave Fitzhenry, Managing Partner, was named one of Consulting magazine’s Global Leaders in Consulting 2017. The Global Leaders in Consulting award recipients are chosen based upon their impact, initiative and extraordinary influence in their firms, for their clients and over the entire consulting profession.

“We are so proud of Dave for achieving this award. He was one of the firm’s first members and has proven his value and expertise many times over since day one,” said John Corcoran, Founder and President, Trinity Partners. “His insights consistently make a meaningful impact on critical business decisions for his clients and within our firm and his outstanding leadership has been instrumental in our unmatched global client and employee growth.”

Fitzhenry, a graduate of Harvard University, joined Trinity Partners as the firm’s third employee in 1997 and currently serves as its managing partner. He is a sought-after expert in commercial strategy in the biopharmaceutical industry and his experience includes work with global organizations, as well as in-depth knowledge of the critical areas for new product development. Fitzhenry has extensive knowledge in global markets, across a variety of therapeutic areas and with companies of all sizes, ranging from biotech startups to large-cap pharmaceuticals.

Fitzhenry will be recognized at a celebratory gala awards dinner at Le Meridian Piccadilly in London, United Kingdom on Thursday, December 7 and also included in the January 2018 issue of Consulting magazine.

Trinity Partners Launches New Whitepaper to Assess Value in Ultra-Orphan Markets

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced, at the NORD Rare Disease and Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit in Washington, D.C., a new whitepaper titled ‘Assessing Value in Ultra-Orphan Markets’.

In the last five to 10 years, the concentration on orphan development has exploded. From acquisitions to creation of separate rare disease units, pharma companies of all sizes have an increased focus on the orphan market. Yet, while rare diseases have the attention of the industry and the incentives continue to be strong, finding success in the orphan market is not easy. This new whitepaper outlines the crucial clinical and commercial attributes that drive success for ultra-orphan, non-oncology products.

Key insights include:

    • Potential products (to acquire or for portfolio planning) must first be assessed on several different commercial and clinical criteria specific to ultra-orphan markets.
    • Success in the ultra-orphan market does not follow one formula. Soliris (Alexion) and KUVAN (BioMarin) are two assets that score high with regard to clinical and commercial opportunity, yet followed very different paths to success.
    • The complexities surrounding success in the ultra-orphan market will continue to grow as competition rises alongside increased payer and pricing sensitivity.

“There are more than 7,000 rare diseases with only 500 approved treatments, which is a clear indicator of a large unmet need and opportunity for success in the orphan market space,” said Herman Sanchez, Partner, Trinity Partners, and lead author of the report. “However, being aware that there is a large market opportunity and truly realizing that opportunity are very different things. Our whitepaper outlines key insights and findings based on our deep commercialization experience in the market, providing companies with a proven roadmap to recognize the critical metrics that determine success and the efforts needed to achieve them.”

Trinity Partners, headquartered in Waltham, MA, with additional offices in San Francisco, New York City and Princeton, New Jersey, has extensive experience in orphan and ultra-orphan markets globally including NA, EUMEA, LATAM and APAC. The firm has more than 150 employees and has worked with six of the top 12 global pharmaceutical companies and 12 of the top 20 specialty and biopharmaceutical companies.

“The industry is driving to more targeted therapies, including new and exciting gene therapies, and many of them could become success stories with the right considerations. We’ve worked with many companies in the U.S. and around the globe on their commercialization strategies and are excited to share key learnings in our new whitepaper,” added Neal Dunn, Partner, Trinity Partners and co-author of the whitepaper.

NORD’s Rare Diseases and Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit is the largest and most meaningful multi-stakeholder event of its kind – featuring more than 20 speakers from the FDA, participation from over 80 patient organizations and the Pharma/Biotech industry’s foremost experts in orphan product innovation, investment and commercialization.

To read the full whitepaper and access all key insights, click here.

Trinity Employees Attend Disorder: Rare Disease Film Festival

Several of Trinity’s Waltham employees attended the Disorder: Rare Disease Film Festival on October 3 in Boston. The event, designed to increase awareness, connect patients and lead to new research paths, was an invaluable experience to
learn about the stories of rare disease patients around the world. Employees also enjoyed hearing from filmmakers, researchers, and patient advocates. The day was a valuable glimpse into the challenges faced by many in the rare disease community on a regular
basis and inspires us to continue helping clients address the needs of patients with rare diseases. For more information about the Disorder: Rare Disease Film Festival, please visit:

Trinity joins Life Science Cares at First Annual Mini Golf for Good Tournament

On September 6th, several Trinity employees attended the Life Science Cares Mini Golf for Good Tournament & Food Truck Showdown in Cambridge. The team had a great time honing their putt-putt skills and checking out the local food trucks. Life Science Cares is a collective effort of the life sciences industry to eliminate the impact of poverty in the greater Boston area. Trinity is honored to work with this great organization to support the development of grant programs and funding partnerships to fight poverty in our local communities.

Trinity Partners Attends Series of Key Life Sciences Industry Events This Fall

Trinity team members to bring expertise to international oncology and strategic conferences

Trinity Partners, a leading global life sciences consulting firm, today announced it will attend several leading industry conferences being held in the U.S. and Europe this Fall. Covering topics from oncology research and product launches to customer data management, Trinity executives are looking forward to learning more about oncology research, product launches, data governance and value-based oncology management to continue to address the complex business questions that confront pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies worldwide.

Trinity executives will attend several key events, including:

  • September 8-12: Partner Herman Sanchez and Principal Alex Chiang attended the ESMO2017 Congress in Madrid, Spain to learn about how science is being integrated into oncology to improve patient outcomes.
  • September 11-12: Senior Consultant Vivian DeWoskin attended the CBI Product Launch Summit in Boston, Massachusetts to hear about the latest trends in pre-launch planning, payer negotiation and product uptake.
  • October 17-18: Associate Director John Gillis will attend the CBI Commercial Data Insights Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to learn about the integration, validation and governance of master data to advance customer intelligence.
  • October 24-25: Partner John Greenaway will attend CBI Value Based Oncology Care Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona to hear about the latest trends in value-based oncology management.

“Trinity’s philosophy is to help clients develop innovative analyses that produce robust evidence and strategic insight,” said Herman Sanchez, Partner, Trinity Partners. “We look forward to leveraging key takeaways to help our clients make informed decisions in today’s rapidly-changing life sciences landscape.”

Jillian Godfrey Scaife, Principal, will also participate in a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association panel on currents events in biotechnology on October 18. During the discussion, held at Amgen’s new facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jillian will speak about the latest news and developments in drug pricing and biosimilars.

About Trinity Partners
Trinity Partners is a trusted life sciences strategy consulting firm that takes a personalized approach to working with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic clients worldwide to create evidence-based solutions that drive business strategy and impact bottom lines. To learn more about our Partners, click here.