Consultant Alessandra Moscoso, from our San Francisco office, recently presented to students at Cuesta College’s Edúcate Sí Se Puede Conference on the value of pursuing higher education.

Read the Q&A to learn more about her keynote:

Edúcate Sí Se Puede: A Q&A with Trinity Partners Consultant Alessa Moscoso

Last month, we shared that Consultant Alessandra Moscoso, of Trinity’s San Francisco office, was invited to speak at Cuesta College’s Edúcate Sí Se Puede Conference in San Luis Obispo County, California. Following Alessa’s presentation, we sat down with her to explore her insights on the event, which inspired hundreds of students to see the value of pursuing higher education.

Give us a brief overview of the Edúcate Sí Se Puede and the event’s purpose.

The conference was geared towards Latino/Latina youth and promoted college attendance and the importance of hard work in achieving your dreams. In addition, it communicated the importance of not allowing financial aid to prevent students from attending college. While the event has taken place at Cuesta College for several years, this year was the largest in history and by far the most successful, with 500 students from high schools all over San Luis Obispo county volunteering to be there.

Do you have any ties to the event and organization?

Cuesta College is a part of me. My mother works at the college as an academic counselor; she and my father took classes there when I was growing up. During high school, I also took several courses there.  My mother was part of the planning committee for this conference and one of her co-workers invited me to keynote the event.

What did you and the other speakers discuss with the group?

I presented an overview of my educational and professional journey up until now. I focused on providing the students with three lessons: realizing the value of hard work and how it pays off; remembering to keep your eyes open to unexpected opportunities and always trying new things; and not worrying about planning your entire life, because it will work itself out.

One speaker talked about switching jobs and majors, and how each contributes to your growth. Another highlighted similar themes to mine — working hard and pursuing your passions. While many of our discussions were similar in theme, we all illustrated these themes in different ways. This worked well to demonstrate to the students that not everyone follows the same path to success and that is completely fine.

How did Trinity benefit from your leadership at this event?

Many of the students at the event were not familiar with what, exactly, consulting is. I focused on familiarizing them with the industry and what we do at Trinity, providing exposure to an entirely new career path that many students don’t hear about until college. Looking toward the future, one student could work at Trinity someday due to this conference! Trinity is a huge supporter of education at all levels and we value opportunities like this to educate students on the industry and the options they have as they consider their career paths.

What were your key takeaways from the event?

Before giving my speech, I worried that my words might not inspire the students enough. Following the event, I realized that what they wanted to hear most is my personal narrative. Watching the other speakers, even I wanted to hear about what they had done and felt invested in learning more. Inspiring others is done by sharing your story, so I was lucky to be able to do that.

Participating in this event inspired me to get involved in more events like it. It isn’t the sort of opportunity you’re given all the time. I believe in our future generations and want to make those generations believe in themselves. At Trinity Partners, we are all excited about the future not only of our company but of the healthcare and consulting industries as a whole. Oftentimes, you don’t realize your potential impact until you’re reminded of it through unconventional opportunities like this.

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