Trinity Partners Continues Consistent Growth with new Princeton, New Jersey Office

Trinity Partners announced today that it has opened a new office in Princeton, New Jersey with general consulting, primary market research and advanced analytics capabilities and services, bringing expertise even closer to its clients.

The new office is being jointly led by Herman Sanchez, a partner at Trinity, who brings over 17 years of experience both in academia and strategic consulting, and newly-promoted partner Aparna Deshpande who brings 12+ years of experience in primary market research and data analytics.

“The opening of this new office follows a period of consistent growth within Trinity and was a natural next step considering our long history of working with clients in the New Jersey area,” said Sanchez. “The Princeton location will have a significant influence on our ability to gain direct and regular visibility with all of our existing major clients in the area as well as the broader pharma corridor. It will also allow us access to the deep pool of talent within the region, a priority as the firm continues to grow at a rapid pace.”

Currently 10 Trinity employees are based out of the Princeton location, and the office has the capacity to accommodate about thirty employees total.

“At Trinity we work with 17 of the top 25 big pharmaceutical companies, and many are headquartered in the New Jersey area,” said Deshpande. “The new office will enable us to offer more on-site support and and integration with client teams as we continue to strengthen our current partnerships and look to grow new relationships with biopharmaceutical companies within the pharma corridor.”

Based just outside of Boston, Trinity has additional offices in San Francisco and New York City. Trinity is currently celebrating its 20th year in business.

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