Rare Disease Day


Ahead of Rare Disease Day next Tuesday, we’ll be raising awareness for the day and the community across all of our social channels this week. Check back in to learn more about this unique community!

What qualifies as a rare disease? Any disease, disorder, illness or condition affecting fewer than 200,000 people in the US is considered rare. 7,000 rare diseases exist and only 5% have FDA-approved treatments. Learn more: http://bit.ly/RDDFacts

Trinity Partners Identifies Hallmarks of Successful US Biopharma M&As


Trinity Partners today, in concert with the 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, has announced the findings of a white paper exploring the strategic decisions that successfully position a company for a maximized M&A exit. By examining the past ten years of biopharma M&A activity, Trinity has developed a framework that summaries the optimal path for private companies, taking into consideration major factors that inform valuations including financials, R&D portfolio, licensing opportunities, partnerships and more.


Download the whitepaper HERE

John Corcoran Interviewed for Newsmakers Q&A with Contract Pharma


In a Q&A with Contract Pharma Editor Kristin Brooks, Trinity Founder and President John Corcoran discusses advances in science and technology, changing global healthcare markets and patient needs, along with the pharma and biopharmaceutical industry’s R&D efforts and evolving business models. Read the Q&A here: http://bit.ly/2iFDnzW

Commentary from Partner Stephen Fleming Featured in December PM360 Think Tank


In the December issue of PM360, Partner Stephen Fleming discussed the life science industry’s biggest lessons learned in 2016, as well as potential challenges ahead in 2017. Stephen remarked on the importance of providing early-stage pharmaceutical/biotech companies with commercial support so they can independently develop and launch their drugs. He also discussed the importance of leveraging not only the commercial side, but also payer/access and patient perspectives throughout pre-launch work. In addition, Stephen highlighted challenges in value communication as an area of focus for the year ahead. Read Stephen’s complete commentary: http://bit.ly/2iERrw8

John Corcoran, President of Trinity Partners, shared his expertise on the future of drug launches with FiercePharma


Trinity Partners President John Corcoran Discusses The Future of Drug Launches

John Corcoran, President of Trinity Partners, shared his expertise on the future of drug launches with FiercePharma. See the full article here: http://bit.ly/2h3DR1J